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Madeline + Javi | London Wedding photography & Highlights Film

Another London wedding! Yay! It was my first time shooting at Stoke Newington Town Hall and the Council Chamber there is a dream to shoot. After we really, really tested the theory that you can never have *too* much confetti we hopped on a vintage bus to The Royal Inn On The Park which had been decked out like the 50s prom you never got to go to. Balloons! Garlands! Balloons! Balloons! 

It was one heck of a party.... watch the video below and then take a sneaky peek at their photos! Balloons!

We love the video so much! I cried happy tears. We’ve watched it so many times already. We are both so so happy with what you have done, thank you so much. You’ve captured the day perfectly. I’m so happy I found you!
— Madeline & Javi

MJ + Rick | Wedding Photography and Filmmaking Preview

Self-confessed crazy cat people Rick and MJ got hitched in Knutsford at The Belle Epoque. The Art Nouveau styling of the venue was perfect for their wedding and their love for Paris.  It was a beautiful and very emotional day with heaps of personal touches. Watch their video below and then have a little look at their preview photos! 

You’re a superstar, the video had us crying happy tears in the sun in Morocco. It couldn’t be more perfect. You’re truly fantastic.
— MJ & Rick

Claire + Zac | Derbyshire Wedding Photography & Video Preview


Claire and Zac met through their shared love of barbershop singing. About 18 months ago they sat me down and told me they were going to have a joint 30th birthday party. Except it wasn't a 30th birthday party. It was a secret wedding. What a day it turned out to be! They had an intimate ceremony with their closest family and then their guests turned up for their birthday party... after Claire and Zac sang with their choruses the truth was revealed to their guests and they had a ceremony with personalised vows and a gobsmacked congregation of friends and family. It was wonderful! Here's their video an a preview of the photos! Wow, wow, wow! 

Hannah just has this 6th sense of knowing where to be and when to get that perfect picture. 18 months is long time to keep a secret - and she takes great pictures! I can’t believe how perfectly she captured our day!
— Claire & Zac

Hannah + Torri | Destination Wedding Photography and Filmmaking in Ravello

Wow! It's so hard to find the words to explain Torri and Hannah's amazing wedding in Ravello, on the Amalfi coast of Italy. I love travel and destination weddings and Ravello may just be the most beautiful place I've seen yet. It was a long and hot day but such an adventure... the atmosphere was incredible with so much laughter and dancing. 

Take a look at their highlight film and photos below! 

Amazing, amazing, amazing! Oh Hannah, tears in my eyes! We absolutely LOVE it. You’ve captured such beautiful (and silly) moments, it’s just perfect.
— Hannah & Torri

Pricing for destination wedding photography and filmmaking is bespoke. If you're getting married abroad please get in touch with as many details as possible. 

Laura + Adam | Wedding Photography and Highlight Film Preview

My first blog post on my new blog! I will be posting up preview sets on here and generally trying to be better at keeping up with blogging from now on.

Laura and Adam got hitched in the gorgeous surroundings of New House Farm in Cumbria. I was so excited to kick off my 2016 wedding season with such an incredible day and my first highlight film of the year too, which you can watch below! 

The video is so perfect!!! We’re both in floods of tears, thank you so so much, it perfectly sums up the day!! We’re so grateful we asked you to do a video too, we’re going to be watching it over and over!!
— Adam & Laura

Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts soon!