Having you as our wedding photographer was very important to us, as you are everything our wedding respresents lovely, warm, welcoming, bright, colourful and a bit silly. The day was so perfect and with your help we have the perfect memories of it on the walls and in Cryan/McLintock homes up and down the country. We must have watched the video hundreds of times, it’s so beautiful and captures all the perfect moments, I cry every time I see it! Having got to know you at the two other most important weddings in my life it felt so comfortable and relaxed; who else would sing songs from the shows to stop me ruining my false lashes. We love you Hannah you’re the best!
Weddings are such a lot of fun these days! And you really captured all the moods - happy, emotional, crazy, thoughtful. Love your work!
The blissful magic we felt on our day is proven to be real, every single time we look at those photos. We are forever, and eternally, grateful. ❤
Hannah was amazing from start to finish. She captured so many moments of humour, joy and wonder at our wedding that we adore looking back on. So many friends and family have complimented both Hannah herself and her amazing photography skills. She was the perfect choice and has given us so many wonderful memories to treasure. We are forever grateful to her.
Hannah is not just any wedding photographer. She’s a rainbow-haired, Totoro-tooed, camera-wielding, photo magician! If you can swing the videography as well, do it! We watch our video all the time, and cry every single time as well. Hannah’s not just and amazing photographer, her music selection is perfect.
Hannah captured our day in the most wonderful way and we are so happy that she was part of it. From the moment she arrived she was a calming and helping hand, whether that was helping my bridesmaids steam my veil, putting on relaxing music or telling me that everything was perfect. The video and photos came out more perfect than we ever would of thought and can’t wait for Hannah to take pictures of our family when our baby is born.
So I just got the photos and you’re a bloody genius - we love them!

Also - the main thing I wanted to thank you for (weirdly) was for being so calm, you were an unexpected positive and constructive force at the wedding. There were so many moments that you helped me out with a well-timed suggestion or encouraging smile. I can see that such a massive component of being a great wedding photographer is being good with people - and you’re a total pro.
Hannah was the best wedding photographer we could have hoped for, and has continued to take wonderful photos for us as our family has grown. She’s like a member of the family herself now! We love you Millard.
Hannah is a consummate professional as well as being a counsellor and resolver of issues various. Her eye for beauty in the strangest of places is breathtaking and her photos of our wedding day encourage nothing but joyful memories and entice the senses. I could not be more thrilled with the moments she has encapsulated for us and I will treasure her for not only being our wonderful photographer but for being the only one able to calm me down the morning of the wedding! Thank you for leaving us with lasting images of an amazing day in our lives, if only you could catalogue our entire existence!!!
Hannah helped capture our day perfectly, she brings a truth to your big day, focusing less on manicured & posed group shots and more on capturing the moments that really matter. Her attention to detail is phenomenal helping us to see moments that perhaps we didn’t see on the day so we could view our wedding from the perspective of our friends too. She felt more like a guest and a friend herself, completely lovely and unobtrusive. We were so overwhelmed when we watched our video too. It has provided us with 3 minutes of blissful happiness to look back on whenever we’re having a gloomy day. Thank you Hannah, look forward to working with you again in the future.