vintage bus

Madeline + Javi | London Wedding photography & Highlights Film

Another London wedding! Yay! It was my first time shooting at Stoke Newington Town Hall and the Council Chamber there is a dream to shoot. After we really, really tested the theory that you can never have *too* much confetti we hopped on a vintage bus to The Royal Inn On The Park which had been decked out like the 50s prom you never got to go to. Balloons! Garlands! Balloons! Balloons! 

It was one heck of a party.... watch the video below and then take a sneaky peek at their photos! Balloons!

We love the video so much! I cried happy tears. We’ve watched it so many times already. We are both so so happy with what you have done, thank you so much. You’ve captured the day perfectly. I’m so happy I found you!
— Madeline & Javi

Melissa + Luke | OH ME OH MY Wedding Photography & Filmmaking


There's something particularly lovely about a Liverpool wedding... nowhere else in the UK do you get half the warm reception from random passers-by. You get applause, hugs, congratulations, waves... just lovely things. 

Melissa and Luke were married at St George's Hall in the magnificent concert hall room and, one vintage bus ride later, we partied the night away at OH ME OH MY, which is a hidden gem of loveliness (please can I shoot there again??) 

Here's a little peek at their highlight video and preview images. 

Oh Hannah the video was amazing ❤
I feel like I need to watch it another 10 times to take it all in again.

We both sat here with massive grins on our faces all the way through it, and we feel like you totally captured what the day was for us - everyone smiling and having fun!
— Luke & Melissa