Claire + Zac | Derbyshire Wedding Photography & Video Preview


Claire and Zac met through their shared love of barbershop singing. About 18 months ago they sat me down and told me they were going to have a joint 30th birthday party. Except it wasn't a 30th birthday party. It was a secret wedding. What a day it turned out to be! They had an intimate ceremony with their closest family and then their guests turned up for their birthday party... after Claire and Zac sang with their choruses the truth was revealed to their guests and they had a ceremony with personalised vows and a gobsmacked congregation of friends and family. It was wonderful! Here's their video an a preview of the photos! Wow, wow, wow! 

Hannah just has this 6th sense of knowing where to be and when to get that perfect picture. 18 months is long time to keep a secret - and she takes great pictures! I can’t believe how perfectly she captured our day!
— Claire & Zac