The West Mill, Derby Wedding Video | Charlotte & James

We love it we love it we love it!!! So many lovely little moments that I had forgotten or didn’t see! The amount of people who have said “I want a video just like that!” Or “I don’t usually like wedding videos but that is amazing!!” Thank you for sharing your talents with us and leaving us with mementos that will last forever
— Charlotte & James

When The West Mill opened in Derby, I knew I would absolutely love shooting there. I mean... a wedding in a beautifully converted mill building with killer natural light AND it's ten minutes from my house? Yes please. 

What better way to shoot The West Mill for the first time than Charlotte and James' wonderful Christmassy wedding. I met them when I photographed Charlotte's sister's wedding back in the summertime and when they got in touch about their day I was so excited! 


They booked my video only package, which includes a shorter highlight film (above) and a longer extended version. While I really love combining photos and video, I do really enjoy having the freedom to concentrate solely on the filming at weddings from time to time. To get to do this at my new favourite venue... well... I was most definitely in my element! 

Here's their extended film!

Don't forget, if you're getting married locally to me I offer a discount on weddings nearby. So if you're getting hitched in Derbyshire get in touch soon! 


Ellie + Tom | Carsington Water Wedding Photography & Filmmaking


Well, it's been a little while since my last blog! I'm on a major catch-up mission now that I have internet in my LOVELY new home. So here we are with Ellie and Tom's wonderfully relaxed tipi wedding just outside Matlock in Derbyshire's beautiful Carsington Water. 

It was just such a fun and informal day complete with a VERY impressive wedding bakeoff (check out the pyrotechnics on the winning cake!)

Here's their wedding video and preview photos!

This is beyond our wildest expectations! You have captured the day so well and have had us all in floods of tears again.... I swear that every time I watch it I notice something new and I have a new favourite bit! I had this horrible post-wedding fear that my terrible memory would mean that I forgot important little parts of the day but the video has meant that I’m not scared of that anymore!
— Ellie & Tom

Claire + Zac | Derbyshire Wedding Photography & Video Preview


Claire and Zac met through their shared love of barbershop singing. About 18 months ago they sat me down and told me they were going to have a joint 30th birthday party. Except it wasn't a 30th birthday party. It was a secret wedding. What a day it turned out to be! They had an intimate ceremony with their closest family and then their guests turned up for their birthday party... after Claire and Zac sang with their choruses the truth was revealed to their guests and they had a ceremony with personalised vows and a gobsmacked congregation of friends and family. It was wonderful! Here's their video an a preview of the photos! Wow, wow, wow! 

Hannah just has this 6th sense of knowing where to be and when to get that perfect picture. 18 months is long time to keep a secret - and she takes great pictures! I can’t believe how perfectly she captured our day!
— Claire & Zac

Jenny + James | Peak District Wedding Photography & Filmmaking Preview

Back when I first moved to Derbyshire when I was 14, Jenny was one of the  first people I met. She was wonderful then and wonderful now and it was such a joy to be part of her wedding in the Peak District. Better still was finding that she's met someone just as awesome as she is in James. 

It may have rained a lot and the roof may have leaked a little but the atmosphere was never less than totally and utterly joyous. Just writing about it I'm still grinning. 

So, without further ado... here are their preview images and highlight video! 

Hannah the video is AWESOME.
You are magnificent.
Thank you for being so fantastic!
— Jenny & James