To find out about some of the things I love and to get to know me a bit better click here. Please contact me if there's anything else you'd like to know about me or how I work.

"Where are you based?"

I live in Allestree, just outside Derby, England.

"Are you available for destination work?"

Yes! I love to travel and it's so exciting to me that my work can take me to new places. I have worked all over the UK and further afield too. Pricing for work outisde mainland UK is bespoke so get in touch and we can have a chat and go from there.

"Can we confirm your availabilty before we set our wedding date?"

Yes! I am so excited that I have clients who are willing to do this to ensure I am available to shoot their wedding. If you want to do this I am able to hold a date for up to 7 days without a deposit while you get yourselves fixed with your venue.

"How long have you been in business?"

I started shooting in 2010. Back then my business was called Hannah Millard Photography. Camera Hannah was my twitter handle and people just started calling me that so I decided to keep it. Occassionally some people think Camera is my first name... I've not yet reached that level of devotion to the cause.

"Do you shoot same-sex weddings?"

Absobloodylutely. I believe strongly in equality and I am so delighted that same-sex marriage is finally legal.

"Did you study photography?"

No. I started my business with no formal training. Photography for me was never something I thought I'd persue. It was a hobby. To use an analogy that's probably going to run away from me a bit... it's like photography and I were really great friends and sometimes people would be like "hey, you and photography should totally get together" and I'd be like... "no, I don't want to ruin what we already have because it's so great... what if it didn't work out?" Until finally, one day I saw it a little differently and decided to give it a shot (pun intended) and it just felt right and it's been that way ever since and we're going to get married and... told you it would run away from me.

Since starting my business I've worked non-stop building up my skills and learning and trying new things. I've attended workshops by some of the best photographers in the business and I never want to stop improving.

"Are you insured?"


"What kit do you use?"

  • 5D mkIII
  • 6D (my favourite, actually)
  • Canon 24mm 1.4L
  • Canon 35mm 1.4L
  • Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art (I could shoot a whole wedding on this!)
  • Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro
  • Canon and Yongnuo Flashes

    "Who owns the copyright?"

    I retain copyright of my photos. My clients usually get a personal use license with their photos which allows them to get them printed, make their own albums and share them on their social media. This doesn't cover commercial use of photos and I wrote a little post about this for wedding suppliers I've worked with who might want to use my images.

"How many wedding photos will I receive?"

For full day coverage you will get at least 450 photos. I take the full set of photos and pick out the ones that I think you'll want to see... usually this means leaving out duplicates, blinks and faces no one wants to see.

"Do you photograph group shots at weddings?"

Yes! In moderation I am totally for doing some group shots. I find it's best to keep them down to no more than 8 combinations... this is usually enough to cover a few family combinations but not so many that it becomes and unstoppable beast that devours big chunks of your day. I usually advise that you allow 5-10 minutes per group shot so you have lots of time to spare in case people disappear and a couple of people on hand to help gather people who know names and faces. This really helps it to run smoothly and means that I can get back to what I love doing most, which is getting natural shots of people just doing their thing.

"Do you do other types of photography beside weddings?"

Yes! I am available for portraits, styled shoots, fashion and travel assignments. Please get in touch if you have a particular project in mind.

"How long will it take for me to receive my wedding photos and highlight film?"

You will receive 30 preview photos within one week and your highlight film will be ready and edited within two weeks of your wedding. The full set of photos will be up in a gallery ready to be downloaded within 6 weeks.

"Are you available for filmmaking?"

Yes! I really enjoy video work... to me it is an extension of what I already do as a photographer. This year I am working on some music videos, promotional videos for business and portrait films too as well as shooting more wedding highlights videos. Get in touch if you have ideas for a film project!

"You can photoshop that, right?"

I could... but I'm not going to. I don't airbrush people my wedding or portrait work at all. If you'd like to know more about why I'm not fond of airbrushing then head to my blog and have a read.