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Wes Anderson Inspired Wedding | Zoe & Max

Wes Anderson Inspired Wedding | Zoe & Max

e and more things kept getting added to the list and it just grew and grew! We got engaged in March 2016 - so it was just over a year of planning and crafting! Max is a big Wes Anderson fan, so from early on I think we knew that we wanted to have some nods to Wes in there - also, my nickname for Max is Foxie - so it felt right that our top table should be called Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox! 

Emma & Dan | York Cycle Stop Wedding Photography Preview

Emma and Dan had their wonderful humanist ceremony against a backdrop of colourful paper lanterns in the trees at York Cycle Stop (such a pretty hidden gem!!) I also have to mention the gorgeous dress from Abigail's Vintage Bridal.

The whole day was filled with fun, silliness and love. And cake. Lots of cake. Here's some photos! 

Kate + Tim | Vintage Wedding Photography Preview


THIS is how you do a village hall wedding. Oh my goodness... all that wonderful colourful bunting (spot the Parks and Recreation reference!) and so much wonderful food. The outdoor ceremony was gorgeous and after dinner the field was transformed into a proper village fete complete with games.

So much pretty... so much fun! 

Briony & Ellie | Usk Castle Wedding Photography Preview

Briony and Ellie's humanist wedding at Wales' gorgeous Usk Castle was just so beautiful... I can't even! Here's a preview of their photos!