Derbyshire Diaries - The Great Big 2017 Round Up!


In which I am very thankful for an amazing year

Over the course of 2017 I started a new feature on my blog. Every other month I have been writing blog posts about what I've been up to... sharing work, music and stories from my life. I'm so excited to do the same throughout 2018 as it's been so helpful putting together this post... there were so many adventures that I almost forgot about, photos taken, films crafted and memories made. 

It was a year of growth for me and my business, with some exciting developments and lessons along the way. I started the year with my new, more grown-up rebrand by illustrator of your dreams, Emy Lou Holmes. She sifted through my jumble of ideas and created something so completely perfect for my business. I spoke at Snap Photography Festival 2017 in Wales, with a two hour talk on filmmaking for photographers. If you've spent any time chatting workshops with me, I will no-doubt have banged on about Snap endlessly. They properly care about good education, great attendee experience and genuine community. If you're looking for an injection of knowledge, wonderful people and a fire in your belly take a look at what they do and say I'll see you there in April?

After the 2017 wedding season I finally felt ready to run my own workshops. For the past few years I've been asked many times by other photographers to teach my filmmaking secrets, but I'll admit the idea was pretty scary. I've now run four of my own workshops, with more in the works for the end of this year and it's another valuable reminder that when you're scared of an opportunity it's quite possibly because it's something you need to do. As I always say: fear is a magnet and it's with that in mind that I am approaching my talk at Way Up North 2.0 in Stockholm in just a few day's time. 

I've also had some wonderful opportunities to hang out with other photographers. I bagged a spot on Feckin Workshop, which took me to Kerry, Ireland. It was one of the highlights of my year, soaking up so much wisdom from Sean, Kate and Maciej and balancing out all the hard work with a whole load of fun. Back in March I went to Barcelona to hang out with some members of the LooksLikeFilm community and had a ridiculously good time - the next big meet up is in Leeds... if it's anything like the last one it's well worth snapping up a place. There were also other workshops, brunches, parties and networking opportunities... it's impossible to list it all but the important thing is: hanging out with lovely other people who do what you do is so vital when you're self employed. 

I shot all manner of things last year... weddings, families, styled shoots, travel, portraits... photos and films. Trying to choose my favourites to share in this post was such a challenge. Initially I found myself with a selection of 600. There was much procrastination in the process of chopping them down to what I have to share with you here... socks were paired, Netflix was watched, Facebook was scrolled... but it's done now and it's time to throw some photos at you.

a year in the life of a photographer

There we have it... 159 of my very favourite images from a rather busy year! All kinds of big and little moments. I'm not just a photographer though; so, what about the films? 

a year in the life of a filmmaker

Selected highlights from my wedding film work in 2017


life, the universe and everything

So my great big 2017 blog post is nearly over but if you read my Diary posts you'll know I love my tv and music so I couldn't resist sharing my overall favourites from the year. 

in 2017 i mostly watched

  • Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season three doing the most amazing and brave things I've seen on television in a long time.
  • GLOW I'm definitely not hankering after a lycra bodysuit and giant hair. Nope. Honest. Probably. 
  • Game of Thrones *Crush on Tormund Giantsbane intensifies*
  • Ru Paul's Drag Race Yaaaaas, Queen.
  • The Good Place Everyone watch it already so we can talk about it. Ok?

in 2017 i mostly listened to

Some all-time favourites released music last year... to the point where I couldn't quite believe my luck. With new material from Stars, LCD Soundsystem, Broken Social Scene, Belle and Sebastian, Jens Lekman, Los Campesinos! and more I had such a hard time putting together my playlist of the year... but here it is! Thirty tracks of awesomeness. Click below to head to Spotify. 


So there we have it. 2017, you were an adventure. I want to say thank you to everyone who shared that adventure with me - particularly all my wedding couples. I am so lucky that I get to work with so many wonderful, welcoming people. Thanks also to you, reader, you get a medal for reaching the end of the post. Bravo to you!