Hello! This is the bit where I try and give you an idea of what makes me tick! 

I've been shooting weddings full-time since 2010, when I finally gave into the niggling feeling that I could maybe get somewhere with this whole taking pictures thing. Since then I have photographed weddings from Dublin to Azerbaijan. I've explored the UK, and I've loved working a stone's throw from my home, just outside Derby, in the wonderful Derbyshire (basically my love for the 'Shire is Hobbitesque.)

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to win some wonderful awards and have been featured in publications worldwide. In 2014 I was totally blown away when I was given a much-coveted spot on Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography list. I've been able to take my passion for photography and take it to another stage - sharing my knowledge with other photographers at workshops, conferences and one-to-ones. 

I love shooting destination weddings and travel photography. My favourite places I've been lucky enough to photograph include Iceland (pure magic), Norway (the Fjords were everything Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy promised, and more) Austria (mountains, Gandalf!) and Italy (all the food!) My current top five places I would love to explore with my camera is: Japan, Greece, Cuba, New Zealand and Canada. 

Truth be told I'm a massive geek. Whether it's puns, real ale, hours spent crafting the perfect playlist, delicious cheeses, Star Wars, Star Trek (yes, Wars and Trek), Final Fantasy, Northern Soul, Studio Ghibli, Parks and Recreation, Jens Lekman, 30 Rock, Belle and Sebastian or the movies of Wes Anderson... I get super passionate about the things I love... and my goodness do I love my job.



If you've got Spotify, click through these links below to explore some of my favourite music!