Couple Portraits


I absolutely love shooting couple portraits... but I don't want to whisk you away from your wedding for ages. I want to get some relaxed, creative shots but I also don't want you to feel like you've not had the chance to chat to your guests. So, I will try my best to find the right time in your day's schedule when we can take a little break, you guys can just focus on each other and we can make some beautiful portraits in the process.

Lots of my couples prefer to take a couple of breaks for portraits... Sometimes the right opportunity or some beautiful light is just too good to miss so I may grab you both to get some extra shots at a couple of different points in the day. Trust me and be spontaneous!

If there's a special place that you'd like to go for photos close to your venue then I'm more than happy for us to go on a mini adventure to find some awesome backdrops, but you'll want to allow some extra time for this. We can even do this before your ceremony if you'd like to have a first look earlier in the day.