Documentary Family Photography | The Thurrell/Hynes family

Hannah took the most wonderful set of photographs for us at home a few weeks after the birth of our second daughter. We wanted pictures that felt real, and would capture our family life as it is. Hannah gave us the most beautiful set of photos; they are special, real, joyful and heartfelt and we adore each and every image for the story it tells. They really show a day in the life of our family and I know that these images will become something even more precious in our future too. We couldn’t have asked for more.

If you've been following my blog recently you'll know that I've come to absolutely love shooting family photography. It's been so exciting building up this side of my business. There is something just so special about capturing a slice of life and childhood memories in the making. This was the shoot that really made me feel like I was finally finding my voice with it and the way that I want to work. Finding little details, quiet moments, kisses, hugs and daft moments in between. I actually found myself getting a bit emotional as I was shooting, feeling it all coming together. It was such a change of pace from wedding photography. Don't get me wrong I love weddings so much, I wouldn't change them and all their wonderful intensity for the world... but it was so lovely to be able to take time to have a cup of tea and take it all in... to slow down for a change. 

Here's a selection of my favourite images from the shoot! 

If you're interested in booking me for a family photoshoot then head over to the family section of my website and drop me a line! I can't wait to do even more of these shoots.