Derbyshire Diaries | March & April

In which I head to a photography festival in Norfolk, wedding season kicks off and I tick Tokyo off my bucket list

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Time for another instalment of Derbyshire Diaries! It's been such an action packed couple of months, I'm so excited to share some of what I've been up to!


After a slightly stir-crazy couple of months it was time for wedding season 2018 to kick off! I was also lucky enough to do some other shoots, travel photography and head to Norfolk to hang out with some of the most wonderful photographers in the world at Snap Photography Festival.


Wedding season started with the icy return of The Beast From The East up in Leeds, took me down to the coast of Cornwall and to a whole load of lovely other spots in between. Every single time I shoot a wedding I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am to get to be part of my couple's day. I bang on and on about how much I love my job but it's true, so I'm not going to stop saying it: I am ridiculously lucky. I also had a great time doing a couple of engagement shoots, a family shoot for a couple whose wedding I shot seven years ago and a tenth anniversary shoot for Kat and Gareth from Rock n Roll Bride.



As you may know, I'm not just a photographer - I make films too. Sometimes at the same time! I made two wedding films alongside photography in March and April. Two completely lovely days, and a great way to start my 2018 video work.

oh, snap

After a busy few months teaching workshops and speaking at Way Up North, I was so excited to head to Snap Photography festival at the end of April. It was awesome to have the pressure off and just go to something as an attendee and take what I needed. Snap has been a part of my life for three years now and honestly, it's one of the best things I've ever done... for my business and for myself personally. It's the warmest, most inclusive learning environment I've ever experienced and there's nothing quite like the magic that happens there. This year it took place at West Lexham, an amazing glamping venue (they do weddings too, pretty PLEASE can I shoot one there??) where I was lucky enough to sleep in a beautiful treehouse, go boating in a lake and wake up to the sound of sheep and birds. Snap is like a family... it's a chance to recharge and unwind and learn a whole load of new things surrounded by absolutely spectacular people. I didn't take a digital camera to Snap this year, just a couple of my favourite film cameras.

adventure is out there

Tokyo! At last! What a feeling to finally visit a place that I've longed to see so much! It all feels like a distant blur now, looking back, even though it was only a couple of months ago. You can find more of my photos and read more about my trip here. Here's a few of my favourite shots from my film cameras! Oh and if you have any suggestions of places to replace Tokyo on my bucket list be sure to let me know!



In between weddings I squeezed in a short break in The New Forest, which mostly involved stalking and taking photos of ponies. It was my first time exploring there, and I absolutely loved it. Lil' and not-so-lil' Sebastians everywhere! Once again I decided to capture the trip on my film camera. 



  • Rupaul's Drag Race Category is....!
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Bingewatching the gang/worst people on television.
  • The Good Place Both seasons. Repeatedly. Can I get a Janet of my own, please?
  • Arrested Development That's why you always leave a note. 
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Season two, as compellingly awful as the first.
  • Love The third and final season of the unconventional romantic comedy.
  • Queer Eye Rebooted for 2018. Simultaneously making me cry and making me wonder whether Antoni Porowski can actually cook on a regular basis. 


If you've got Spotify, click the picture below to listen to my playlist of recent releases. 

Featuring: Natalie Prass, Hinds and the long-awaited release of an incredible song by Prince.


So there we have it... March and April 2018. Weddings and adventures! Look out for more instalment of my Derbyshire Diaries soon. Also, if you're thinking of booking me for a wedding next year, now is the time to get in touch as some dates are already getting snapped up!