Documentary Family Photography | The Thurrell/Hynes family

Documentary Family Photography | The  Thurrell/Hynes family

If you've been following my blog recently you'll know that I've come to absolutely love shooting family photography. It's been so exciting building up this side of my business. There is something just so special about capturing a slice of life and childhood memories in the making. This was the shoot that really made me feel like I was finally finding my voice with it and the way that I want to work.

Documentary Family Photography

The everyday is everything. More than you realise at the time. When I shoot families I don't want it to be fake and forced... I want to capture something that matters. Something that will matter twenty years from now, or even further down the line. I want to visit you and capture the littlest, biggest things. The cups of tea. The background music. The little things you do a thousand times a year that are so quietly important.